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Forum-Level Mod Nominations

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In the very near future, Overclock.net will be adding forum level moderators (i.e. a "nVidia mod" or a "AMD mod") to ensure EVERY forum has the attention it deserves in order to maintain and grow overclock.net.

Who are we looking for?
Generally speaking, mods will be responsible for their respective forums but may help out moderating other areas of the site when necessary.

The type of people we are looking for is loosely defined in the Qualities in a Mod thread.

How to make nominations
If you feel you fit this criteria, or would like to nominate someone else for a specific forum/group of forums, PLEASE PM ME with your nominations (you are encouraged to nominate yourself if you feel you fit the criteria!).

What to include
Ideally your nomination will include the following information:

Nomination #1(you may nominate multiple people for multiple forums if you wish)
Name of nominee:
Reasons why this person fits the job (include specific examples and links if possible):

Rep points
Everyone who makes a well rationalized nomination will receive REP. Why is rep being given? Rep is given to people who make contributions to the forum that are beneficial to the membership as a whole. This process is very important to the growth of the forum and it is essential the RIGHT people are chosen to guide the community onward and upward!

Thank you very much in advance for your careful considerations. We will consider all nominations and will discuss with the overclock.net staff. If you are nominated and not chosen, please do not take it personally. Many factors need to be taken into account - the main one being your nominations

Please keep your nominations confidential. This should not turn into an election
If you nominate another individual, please allow me to confirm with them that they are interested in the role.


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Originally Posted by admin

Thanks for your nominations so far! For anyone who has not submitted their nominations, please do so by Thursday.

Rep will be given out by the weekend to those who made nominations that meet the criteria.

Some forum-level mods will begin to be assigned shortly after that.

How is this project going?
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