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well, you guys probably already know this company well, but either way, i am quite excited!

i am a pretty die hard coolermaster fan - they have great stuff that functions well and looks quite good in my opinion,

but i have found a competitor, finally! (unfortunately, i consider TT a rip off co. with absolutely no original products, and dang ugly in my opinon)

but silverstonetek.com is the place to be! they have hands down the coolest thermal controller i know, and a great lcdish type screen which is pretty cool, not to mention the cases etc...

i don't work for them so don't worry - just thought i would share the coolermaster alternative, and definitely the TT alternative...

TT sucks!!!!! even though i own the tt112 - everything else is pure trash....

sorry tt lovers, but tell your co. to get some real designers, and stop biting off other company designs!
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