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Foxconn FlamingBlade

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Anyone used this? Newegg's reviews are not that great.
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Half the people who write bad reviews on Newegg did so because either:

* They didn't read the specs of the item they bought.
* They are total noobs and don't know how to use the item they bought.
* They had a problem with Newegg rather than the item they bought.

Keep these in mind when reading the reviews.
i dont use the FlamingBlade,but i use a diff Foxconn,

i wont b much help w the specific,
but i just wanted to say that i really enjoy having this foxconn board,
it hast great OCing features, easy and understandable BIOS, and all that
i really like the Focxonn board i own

hope this helped,if not plz just ignore it
I was originally thinking of going for the flamingblade too, though I would advise to go for the Asrock X58 Extreme instead. I believe it's near the same price range; I say this simply because it's just a safer option to go for since not that many have gone for the flamingblade so you may encounter some problems.

Asrock X58 extreme is a cool board but I believe the CPU overclocking isn't as good as others.

I'm personally going for the Asus P6T Deluxe V2 since it's got loads of good reviews.

You could go for the foxconn bloodrage gti; there's a lot of happy owners of that board.
Ok, I personally own the ASrock X58, and I wanna say, only get it if you plan for it to be a hold-off board. Its only OK with overclocking, the BIOS isn't that great, in fact its rather annoying to use. Theres really no big problem, its just a meh board. I'd personally stretch for the Foxconn Bloodrage GTI if possible.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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