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Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium Grey Silent ATX Mid Tower Case

The Define R4 is the latest in the Define series of silent computer cases. Building upon the award -winning foundation of the Define R3, the R4 retains minimalistic yet elegant styling with extraordinary performance, noise reduction features (including ModuVent), premium build quality and unparalleled value in this price range while adding a suite of innovative new features. The Define R4 offers support for multi-radiator liquid cooling, an integrated fan controller behind the front panel as well as the ability to discretely mount up to two SSD's behind the motherboard plate, effectively mitigating visible cable clutter. This mid-tower case is a great choice for everything from gaming/enthusiast systems to silent home theater and corporate applications.

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandFractal Design
FeaturePre-fitted with dense noise absorbing material
ModuVent System allows the user the option to have unrivaled silence or optimal airflow
Top fan positions now allow slim 240/280mm radiators to be mounted
Two SSDs can be installed on the back of the motherboard plate
Top HDD cage (5 HDD) can be rotated 90 degrees or removed for additional airflow
A wider case body allows for much improved cable routing capability behind the motherboard, now 26 mm (8mm wider)
Fan controller is integrated in the front panel and supports up to 3 fans
Select slim radiators can be mounted in front fan holder (requires the bottom HDD cage to change position)
LabelFractal Design
ManufacturerFractal Design
PublisherFractal Design
StudioFractal Design
TitleFractal Design Define R4 Cases, Titanium grey (FD-CA-DEF-R4-TI)
ColorTitanium grey
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementFD-CA-DEF-R4-TI
Item Height18.3 inches
Item Length20.6 inches
Item Width9.1 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement817301010924
Item Weight27 pounds


TotallydubbedHD on YT
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A nice case

review by totally dubbed

A very nice case, that's silent, but also very elegant.
I love the case, ever since I first got it - even though I had to return my first one to OCUK due to a manufacturing defect on it. OCUK were very good in dealing with the problem, for free

-The USB ports at the top make it easy to plug and play things
-The case look is very stylish
-There's good air flow within the case
-The material it is made out of is of good quality
-The fan control at the front is useful
-The fan filters that are included at the bottom and front are useful
-The removable HDD rack is very useful
-The 2x Fractal fans included are good (although not the best)
-The case is silent

-On/Off button can easily be mistakenly hit
-Fractal fans make a lot of noise on the metal grills (side and top) -> bought 2x Corsair AF140's instead
-The motherboard SATA slots are too close to the rubber "holes"
-The front panel connections aren't long nor secure enough (USB 3.0 & HD audio mainly)
-Heavy case
-Front of the case can be easily pushed out

Here's an overview and unboxing of the case:

Look, air flow, removable HDD rack, silenton/off button is sensitive, design aspects


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A nice case

review by totally dubbed
+ at least some filters
+ 140mm fan positions

- apart from sidepanels nothing else is silenced and rings
-useless fan grills everywhere, kills airflow, have to be cut out
- paint is not everywhere inside the case, attention to detail is not so good
- cages block all airflow, better cage position has to be moded in or cages removed alltogether
- case feet are too low, blocks bottom airlfow
- PSU fan opening is small and 140mm fans get partly blocked
- included fans are regular cheap case fans, clicky, position sensitive and won't run well upside down, vibrate, low airflow, low pressure
- bottom air filter could be more easily removable by different way of attachment
- no HDD led
- SATA on the back are useless, use velcro if you want to use the back
- front panel is not very secure
- audio jacks and USB2 are ridiculously stiff to plug in to
- top 5.25" bay is not removable and there is not option for a 3rd front fan up top
- MB panel bends under pressure
- fan switch just switches between 5 ,7, 12V from a molex, no fan control and the cables are heatshrinked and hard, not sleeved
- front panel cables like switches and LEDs are not sleeved together, nor secured on the front panel, easy to break
- not enough space up top for radiators with fans and position is centered not offset
- ATX MB, holes around SATA ports could be bigger to be able to put cables through with less stress on the cables
- everything except side panels is prone to vibration especially the air filters and cages
- not enough intake positions for fans
- bottom fan often gets blocked by PSU, needs more mounting options further from PSU
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