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Hi all, got my new build 95% completed. Need to repaint some things as I'm not 100% happy with the finish. It is 3 stage PPG automotive using Chrysler Bright White Base Coat, Nissan Sharp Silver Pearl mid-coat and then all clear coated. I ended up with some bad fisheye issues due to some left over solvent in the lightly pitted top panel and if one looks closely, you can see it. Ran out of time to get my custom front door and side panel acrylic accents finished as I had to get it to the FITES LAN this past weekend. Anyway, for now..its all good. Here are some pictures as it sits now. I will post up a bunch of pictures later on that were taken during the build. Hope you all like it.

Components: Fractal Design XL, ASUS Sabertooth Z77, Intel i7 3770k, 16GB Ripjaws X, EVGA GTX670 (ordering my waterblock for it next week), Seasonic X750 PSU, Samsung 830 128gb SSD (new 840 250GB on the way) 2TB WD Storage. Full H2O loop.

20130224 195735

20130224 195854

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Here are the parts I still need to get finished up and a picture of how the edge-lit acrylic should look when I get it all done. I did get the SSD piece finished and it looks great in person, just kinda falls flat in the pictures. The side panel accents will look the same way. They are all painted already and now just need the edges sanded and the lighting installed.
20130213 200253

20130213 190423

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Only a few odds and ends and I'll call it quits.









Got the front graphic done now. Saw this picture online and had my daughter edit and make the lettering. I like it...kinda geeky, but those into hardware "get it".

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