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  • What is Fragapalooza?
    • Fragapalooza is an annual video game festival/LAN party that takes place in or near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Usually held in late July or early August, it is a four day event starting Thursday morning and ending Sunday afternoon. Fragapalooza is primarily a BYOC event where attendees bring their own computer and play PC or console games on our high speed Local Area Network. Fragapalooza also includes official staff run tournaments, and un-official participant run tournaments.
  • History
    • Fragapalooza started in Edmonton, Alberta in 1997 by Gil "StraT" Amores. The first event consisted primarily of QuakeWorld and was held in a hangar at the Edmonton Municipal Airport. It has since evolved into a much larger annual gathering, occasionally drawing attendees from across Canada and the United States. In November 2002, a one time 'Fragapalooza East' event was held in Mississauga, Ontario which has not been repeated since. In February 2009, Fragapalooza held its first winter event in Grand Prairie, Alberta attended by approximately 100 people. It is unknown if this will become an official annual event.

I've been attending this LAN party for three years now and it's absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend that if you're able to attend and think it sounds interesting that you sign up! Seating will be limited so make sure you get your registration in soon so that you're guaranteed a spot. The venue is full every year.

Fragapalooza was host to the Intel release of the Core 2 Extreme processors as well back in 2006.
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