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Fraps Cause Massive Online Lag!

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Ok i have been playing MW2 recently with my sig rig
I have recorded some sp gameplay and it went well

But when i try to record Mp the match becomes very laggy
Not fps lag but actual connection lagg
I lagg everywere when i record with fraps but only in MP
I wanted to upload some MP vids to youtube but i am unable to do so in MP

Can anyone help me fix the issue?

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Edit : Changing the recording size from full to half in fraps elimantes all lag

Why cant i record in full in multi tho?
More happens in MP than in single player. Maps are usually bigger, and online play is a little more CPU intensive that in single player. Maybe overclocking the CPU a little more if it has not been already should make Fraps run a lot better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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