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Fraps recording - which HDD?

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On my F3 (my OS disk so it has some load even when not recording (i think) with 100MB/s READ and Write or on my slave HDD with 50MBS read and write (nothing on it so no load) which one would give me smoother recording? Thanks!
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it depends on the resolution and frame rate you're trying to capture

capturing 1920x1080 @ 30fps will push the cusp of 50MBps write speed, but I really wouldn't want to record to the same drive as the OS and/or game install (unless it was solid state, although I wouldn't necessarily want to record to SSD either for other reason).

I run my OS off my SSD and a few of my primary games, and then I have a separate drive for all my other games and some RAID0 setups for video captures.
1920x1080 60FPS
I have Fraps (and all other Program Files Software) installed on my 640GB and that's where I save videos.

My OS and the games I am currently playing are on My SSD.

It works perfectly for me.

A sample recording I uploaded:


Originally Posted by Antsu
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1920x1080 60FPS

Recording with those settings requires about 75 MB/s write speed (depending on the game of course). So out of those 2 drives, I would say the 100MB/s one would be the better choice, even though it's the OS disk.
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Alright thanks, might buy an SSD soon, just got 100€ from my granma for setting up her email to her new computer
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