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for those of you who didn't read it in the CPU section a few weeks ago, I got $400 from this rich friend of mine to buy a 4200+, and he gave me back my modded GTO. I needed the money for other things though, so I didn't get it. Well now he's GIVING me back the computer I sold him, but he made a few upgrades: namely the X1800XT and 19" 4ms LCD screen.


So I'm going to get it, keep the screen, and sell the rest for profit... I want another truck. but ya, holy crap that's awesome.

2.7GHz Opteron 144
1GB (or more, I think he bought some more) GSKILL ram
Dunno about any HD upgrades
Coolermaster case
19" LCD

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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