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Free CableMod E-series cable kit

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A long time ago i got a CableMod E-series cable kit in red for my EVGA G2 but since i replaced it with a Seasonic Prime Ultra PSU a few months back i have a full cable kit in good condition that is no longer being used and since the PSU and its stock cables is being set aside for another PC i have no used for the CableMod kit so its just taking up space

So i thought maybe someone else can get some use out of it or something
Its free to anyone that wants it and want to pay for shipping i did promise another user here on OCN the kit but he has not bothered to respond after more than a month so tough luck

Note this kit will only fit on on some EVGA PSU´s it will NOT fit on anything else so if you have some other brand and want this kit it wont work sory


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Hey still have theses? Pm

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Cables are no longer available
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