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Free SD card recovery programs

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Any body know some free programs for recovering photos and video off a camera SD card? A friend let somebody use her Canon digital camera with a 2GB SD card in it half full of pictures and videos. He messed with some setting on the camera and now the videos wont come up, he messed with it some more and was able to get the photos but the videos wont work. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by out2kyl
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I have had some success with Recuva

Just got done trying that one and it shows no video files. I can't figure out what this jerk did to lose just the videos.
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The card shows a bunch of jpg's that wont open or preview. I assume that these used to be the video's but shouldn't they be avi?
They seem to be 6 to 8 kb
It'd have to be some absurdly low resolution to be that small, so they're probably corrupt. They weren't written all the way, or something.
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