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Freebie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [DIGITAL COPY]

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Hello everyone,

Up for a freebie is a digital copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! The winner will receive the authorization code by way of PM.

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  • No Twilight fans
  • List one plan for the holidays
Winner will be randomized by post number.

This thread will be closed sometime in the evening of December 9th, so tell your friends!


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Toy train jousting.
Never read or saw a twilight.
In, wonderful! I'm going to visit my relatives up north and spend all day in the pool and on the beach surfing and yachting. Also, I plan on eating a heck of a lot for Christmas day lunch/dinner *drools thinking about it*
Love the fact there's no twilight fans!
Eating like no other before I have to go back to college food

I refuse to even listen people talk about twilight.\\

In, thanks!
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Lol in!
lol no Twilight fans

Not in, I already have 1-7 hardcovers ---- somewhere in the house lol
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twilight sucks simple as that

i am going to my grandmas house to meet my whole family
in please
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I am in, twilight and its glittery gay vampires suck.....

Cause its harder to hook up with the chicks who are obsessed with Twilight cause they all reckon Edward Cullen will marry them..
I'm in

Going to my uncles for the holidays; the family is going to be there.
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I'm in.

And over the holidays, I'm going to be playing my guitar, a LOT. Finishing off learning the Pornograffiti album by Extreme.
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I am plnning to watch the whirlwind of wrapping paper thrown about by my 14 neices and nephews. Holidays are for the kids!!
Hehe in

Going too my bro thats lives near poland,czech republic
Please count me in.

Silly rabbit, Twilight is for kids. No, I'm not a fan.

Plans to go to Lego Land.
My plans for the holiday is spending time with my girlfriend, friends and my family!
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Great entries so far, glad everyone's got plans for the holidays!
In. I will be going to my aunts house for christmas, hopefully I will see the rest of my family there, but I will not be watching or reading twilight whatsoever. (I will not even allow anyone to talk to me about it....)
I'll be spending Christmas Day in four different houses with three different families in three different cities.
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