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Freebie...NVIDIA Mirror's Edge Coupon 20% off -WINNER CHOSEN

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Hi Everyone,

Well my first freebie....I know it's not much but maybe it will help someone out!

I just purchased an EVGA GTX260 and received a coupon in the box for 20% off. You just need to type in the coupon code at checkout it says. I will not be getting Mirror's Edge so the winner will get the promo code. Says it's good through 1 June 2009.


1. Must have 10 Rep or higher.
2. Must have at least 100 posts.
3. Must actually use the coupon (don't just enter for sake of entering)

Thats it really.....I will choose the winner tonight around 8:00PM Mountain Standard Time on Monday Night 9 March 2009.

Good Luck!

WINNER CHOSEN!!!! Pings be sure to check your PMs and let me know if you got it ok....CONGRATS and ENJOY
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Going to extend this to Monday night 9 March 2009. This way the folks who may be sleeping on the other side of the globe can participate as well. I will take winner from the randomized listing. Just respond to the PM when the winner is announced and I will give out the code.
Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!! I want this game so badly!!!!
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I'm in please
Add me 2


Pings you have a PM with the coupon code! Enjoy

I'll be sure to have a few more freebies up in the future folks...thanks for playing. Results obtained from Randomized.com.
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omg dude, you held a contest for a 20% coupon that anyone can find using google.
that is so hilarious, look at all those people who entered your contest, omg you seem to have gotten overwhelmed with applicants, roflmao!!!!
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