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Please read the whole thing before you way you want the PSU.

I had originally bought the ultra x4 1000w from tigerdirect about 7 years ago, had to RMA and received this one back about 4 years ago or so.

The low down on the PSU:
The PSU does work, but I would not trust it. This weekend it starting to become very loud and was giving off alot of heat, with my computer sitting idle. I then started to fell a faint burning plastic.
With Ultra no longer in business I cut the warranty sticker and blew all the dust and what not out. 2 of the smaller caps had a bulge at the top. I then put it back together and powered it back on, ran fine for a few minutes, then back to the smell and insane amount of heat.

Since it seems to be heading out the door, I have an extra PSU to replace it, and don't feel like messing with it, I am giving it away.

Product Page

The PSU does work, it was still powering my sig rig below puling 220w.
It did run hot and gave iff alot of heat.
It did have a burnt plastic smell that became stronger when the computer was under load.
One of the SATA power connectors is broken, see picture.
I also believe one of the 5 pin power plugs, see picture in red, on the PSU is bad as well.
Only take the PSU if you would like to try to repair it or use it for something else.

Do not want the PSU to power your new rig or old one. I will not be held responsible if you do and it fry's your gear.

I am asking that you just pay shipping. Shipping will probably be around $20. The box size is 16x12x8 shipping from 75231.
It will include the original box and all cables.
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