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Freezer 7 Pro with 3ghz E6600?

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a local store has the F7Pro for $30. im wondering what kind of temps id get out of my CPU with it. i get 52C running orthos with the stock intel cooler, 31C idle. my ambient temp is around 25C. CPU is an E6600 clocked to 3ghz. i might want to clock it a little higher as well- maybe 3.2ghz.

its kinda hard to justify spending TWICE as much in a Tunic or Ultra 120 extreme.
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I would definately get a Tuniq Tower 120, Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme, or Enzotech Ultra-X over an Arctic Freezer. Your temps will be at least 5C lower, I would not be suprised if you run 9 or 10C cooler at load compared to a Freezer 7. Check out Knitelite and Audi's thread comparing an Ultra 120 to an Ultra-X; at stock they idle at 19-20C.

From what I've read, you will have clearance issues with the P5N-E SLI northbridge heatsink and the Freezer 7 Pro.
The Freezer 7 Pro will give you best bang for the buck and will get you near your max clocks but other coolers will allow you go to maybe 100-300mhz further. Alot depends on the chip though as well. Some have a wall where you don't really have to worry about temps.

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From what I've read, you will have clearance issues with the P5N-E SLI northbridge heatsink and the Freezer 7 Pro.

ive got a Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II on my NB, 650i runs HOT!
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Hey RX7... #1 Welcome to OCN
#2, head over to Intel Motherboards, go to the stickied thread "P5N-E"

#3 I have the P5N-E + F7Pro!

With that TT Extreme Spirit you should be fine
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well i would have to say no, while it is a good hsf set-up it is not the optimal and does just good enough to not replace it but not good enough to like it.

I was running about [email protected] load with stock hsf running 266fsb x9, 2.4Ghz, and with freeazer7 pro [email protected] load running 340fsb x9, 3.0Ghz.
btw I am running vcore of 1.424v and 1.408v under load.

IMO I would recommend spending the extra cash on a TT120 or Ultra 120 extreme.
Oh and as far as temps... check my gallery.
Get your two intake fans up top, and you are all set. (God you even have the 900, did you steal half my rig? lol)

I am using 1.4v vcore with +100mv on (essentially 1.5v vcore)
On a dual core Pentium D 820, 90nm tech. Essentially two prescHotts on a single die, thus the smithfield was born. Prescotts are known as prescHotts for obvious reasons

What I am getting at is this...
I have a botched Ceramique job... as in heatsink removed/replaced ~4 times without cleaning or reapplying.
I have the stock F7Pro fan.
I have my heatcore (D820) @ ~1.5v and 3.7Ghz.
And I still achieve 34C idle temps @ 70F ambient. With a load of 47C Max.
At 78F ambient I am pulling ~53 temps @ 100% CPU utilization by folding SMP.

The F7Pro is a very good bargain when bought cheap. I bought mine for ~$30 as well.
I plan on lapping it, and installing an FM121 on it (zip ties FTW!)
I bet I'll get down to ~47 while folding
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dpawl- im only running 1.30vcore on my c2d at 3ghz. i ran orthos for 6 hours at 1.28vcore- i dont know why i have it back at 1.3..

if i could keep the temps in the 40s (mid 40s?) at full load with the clock speed at 3.2, id be happy. im getting 52C @ 3ghz with an unlapped intel cooler, so i think its possible.

what ever HSF i get i will definatly lap, ive got alot of experience polishing steel and aluminum- the copper base should be a breeze.

ill probably go and pick one up in a week or so.
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