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Freezes and BSoD. Also side-effect Driver Verifier.

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Hello I'm new to posting on overclock.net, but anyways here is my failing pc story. (Hopefully this is the correct place for this thread)
TLTR: I get (micro-)freezes and this might have resulted I my most recent BSOD.

I've had 3 BSODs in total. I guess this is after I formatted my pc as I dont think Blue Screen Viewer can get at BSOD information from an older windows 7 install.

1st BSOD 21-7-2013 21:55:35:

2nd BOSD 29-7-2013 20:40:29:

With the 2nd BOSD I also got a red line in the Filename List.

3rd BOSD 16-8-2013 21:38:49 (most recent):

My PC specs:
Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz (OC'ed to 4.1 GHz for stability)
Gelid Solutions Tranquillo Rev.2
GTX 560Ti
8GB DDR3 Kingston
Cooler Master GX Lite 600W
500GB HDD 7200RPM WD SATA600

From the following thread I've gotten some useful information about BSODs. http://www.overclock.net/t/1308966/recurring-bsod-caused-by-ntoskrnl-exe
As I understand from that thread it could be a faulty driver or it could be hardware related. It's not certain what the cause is.
For me though the main problem are the (micro-)freezes. The most recent BSOD occurred from state a what I thought was another freeze but took so long that my PC just shut down and restarted itself. Without actually showing me a blue screen.
First I ran Intel Burn Test on 'High 10 runs' and on 'Very High 15 runs'. No error and success. I also watched my CPU usage/temp and core speeds while playing Bf3. Nothing changed there when I got the micro freezes.
I tested my HDD with HD Tune Pro v3.50 and it turned out OK.
I've done Memtest x86 and let it run for 4 hrs with no error.
Then also, like explained in the linked thread above, I enabled Driver Verifier which has been enabled for a few hours now. The interesting thing here is that when I started playing Bf3 again my frames got chopped in half or something. Normally i get a steady 100+ fps, but after enabling Driver Verifier I only get 50-70 fps. Could this mean that either my GPU driver or my GPU is faulty?

I get freezes ingame, but also outside of the game, while browser the web for instance. A reoccurring freeze is when I open Origin. Most times my pc freezes for about 10 secs when I open Origin. This seems to be a more common problem for Origin users, but I thought I'd just mention it. I have added Origin as exception on Firewall. I don't have any Anti-Virus software besides Windows Essentials. Personally I doubt I have a virus.

Some additional information, don't know if this is relevant or not:

Around 7-7-2013 I replaced my GPU. From a HD6850 to a GTX 560Ti.
Around 10-7-2013 I replaced my CPU. Before I had a FX-4100. Installed my new FX-8350 with stock cooler.
Around 6-8-2013 I replaced the stock cooler with Gelid Solutions Tranquillo Rev.2 (after market CPU cooler)

*After I installed this after market cooler though some problems started to arrive. I got massive CPU spikes resulting in my ingame's fps dropping to 20fps. I thought I wrongly applied to cooling paste (I spread it to the edges of the cpu, cpu was in socket though). So I remove a bit and let the majority of the paste in the middle, so it can naturally spread. Tried again , but still same problem. Someone helped me and it turned out my CPU was downclocking itself. So I set my core speed manually to 4.1 Ghz and turned off AMD Turbo Core Technology which is a feature that does this downclocking thing automatically to spare some energy or something like that.

- What can cause my (micro-)freezes?
- Does it relate to me Blue-screening?
- Why, with Driver Verifier, is my ingame fps so low?
- What's more likely: Hardware or Software?

Thanks in advance
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I don't even need to ask for the DMP files right now as I see what is wrong, most likely. All of the bugchecks you provided above are of the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR *(124).

AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz (OC'ed to 4.1 GHz for stability)

Likely not the case and your OC is probably unstable no matter what stress program you use tells you it's not. Bring the entire system back to stock settings, please. If the BSOD's continue, please follow the instructions on this page and reply back accordingly - http://www.overclock.net/t/1288510/blue-screen-of-death-bsod-posting-instructions-windows-8-7-vista/0_50


Thanks for the reply.

The reason for my OC, was because my CPU downclocked itself while I was playing a game. From 4100 to 1400. Then my CPU usage shoots up to 100% and I get about 20 fps. (normally 100+ steady). This problem occurred after I installed my after market CPU Cooler.
So I set my core-speed manually to 4.1ghz and disabled AMD Turbo Core Technology, Cool n Quiet and C6 state.
So you recommend settings all my settings back to default? Including "AMD Turbo Core Technology, Cool n Quiet and C6 state" ?
I also unparked all my cores to fix micro-stutters ingame.

Question: Sorry but I don't understand what exactly you mean with "All of the bugchecks you provided above are of the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR *(124)."
As I don't see this mentioned in the BSOD Viewer pics I provided.

Thanks in advance
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So you recommend settings all my settings back to default?
Yes, just clear the CMOS.
As I don't see this mentioned in the BSOD Viewer pics I provided.
There are few IRQL bugchecks but they are irrelevant as we have *124 BSOD's which is strictly a hardware bugcheck, and can only be caused in terms of software by Suite software that connects to the BIOS via the OS to make adjustments on-the-fly (Asus AI Suite, etc).


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I'm still having micro-freezes and pc crash freezes.
Micro-freezes show themselves after the my PC has been under load for a 1.5 - 2 hours (playing BF3). Then whilst playing my image freezes for less than a sec and also teamspeak3 voices freeze.
Also I've had a complete freeze (crash) while playing Bf3 and alt-tabbing out and then in again. That's when my pc froze (alt-tab back in), I could see the game put nothing responded anymore (inc. ctrl alt del).

Like I said in my first post I've done IntelBurnTest and Memtest86 (4 hours no problems). Now I've read that getting no errors in Memtest doesn't say everything and it could still be my memory that's faulty.

Personally I'm also thinking that it could be my PSU. I've got a Cooler Master GX Lite 600W. Which is on a blacklist for PSUs. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/299096-28-blacklist
I didn't really check this when buying my PSU, I thought any 600W would be good.

Could it be my PSU causing my PC to (micro-)freeze? Or maybe my RAM? Any thoughts/ideas..?

Thanks in advance
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I believe that the 124 bugcheck is your OC. It is not stable. On Intel the 124 usually means need more vcore ( on my sandy i believe it is). I would clear your cmos and start over with the OC.
At the moment my OC is this:
FX-8350 x20.5 @4.1 GHz
AMD Turbo Core Technology - Disabled
Cool n Quiet - Disabled
C6 State - Disabled

And here a pic of CPU-Z:

Would you say then that 1.344 vcore is too low?
What should I manually up it to? Some other option I should set back to default? (c6 state)
pjBSOD said 124 is strictly hardware related. Does this mean one of my components is broken?
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On my i5 2500k that 124 code usually means that i need to up the vcore a little. I would check out the 8350 veshera club to see if anyone has some settings posted. I believe your OC isn't stable tho by those codes you're getting. Also he meant that hardware like the cpu needs more vcore rather then a software problem.

edit: Have you tried clearing the bios back to the default settings to see if it still does it?
I have tried with the default settings and I'm still getting freezes (ingame).
Could it be the PSU still? If it has to do with voltages? The +12V and +5V might not be adequate.
Don't tell me my CPU is broken..
OR maybe my mobo?

Edit: Twice now today my PC froze up complete, to the point where I couldn't do a thing anymore.
One time with OC. Second time without (default).
1st: trying to tab into bf3
2nd: Origin was loading up.
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