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Fresh Of the Boat

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Sup Ya'll I'm brand new to the site... Been buying off of Dell for a while, and its not cheap..

I'm going to start a brand new build. Hope this site will change my perspective of computers.

Nice to meet everyone!
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There's a dock in the internet? Sweet.

Welcome to OCN.
Welcome to OCN. Ditch Dell and get started on your real PC. :0
Wait, I missed the boat ride?

Welcome to the mad house!
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Dell and HP suck... Come and see the light!!!

Can't wait to see your first build. If you need any help just ask us, depending on your uses, you can save a lot of green.
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raises hand, have to admit i bought a dell. Heck it was only $200. Its good for basic stuff. Was even playing WOW on it for sometime.

I was surfing one day and caught the overclocking disease after finding OCN. My life is consumed by it now. All i do at work is surf websites to see how much cooler i can get my cpu and how much more oc'ing I can get out of my rig. Wife thinks I'm crazy!!!!
glad to have you here with us
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