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Hello dear forum dwellers.

GSKILL 2400 Trident X 16
Crosshair V Formula-z
Corsair 1000W semi modular PSU
NZXT case
with SSD + HDD

Watercooling kit is

XSPC 360MM D5 RX + 240Alphacool Rad + 9 fans 1650RPM on all of em. It goes

Distilled water + Redline water wetter. 90%/10% ratio. And arctic cool MX paste.

Resi > CPU > 360 > GPU > 240 > Resi

IT works leak tests fine and loads everything but since a day or so we've been having a weird issue. It would randomly shutdown without any error what so ever just as if someone plugged out the power. Than it would resume and seemingly work properly.

Memtest= pass
Furmark = pass
prime95 = pass ( but today it did crash during prime95) Last night we had it on for about 3 hrs.

NO overclock yet it's all stock. HWMONITOR AMD Overdrive Speedfan etc all the temp monitoring software fluctuates a'lot !. I am getting 43degree during Prime95 in HWMONITOR and Bios. IT barely scratches 43. GPU sat solid on 42 during FURMARK.

Last night we had prime95 running for a very SHORT time of 3 hours. With no problems what so ever, temp remained constant which is bothering me abit, even with all of this cooling power 42GPU 44CPU during prime/furmark seems a'bit off. Further more games have been working properly and i haven't noticed anything outside of the ordinary with the slight exception of it just shutting down randomly. Voltage seems okay no motherboard led's are on.

My first guess would be PSU so we are multimeter testing it later.

Any clue's as to what this might be would be greatly appreciated.


Pic of PC.

Yours truly Shallowmist.

35 Posts
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Hey thanks for the reply brother it turns out the problem was really simple.

I had an overloaded extension cable which had 4 things plugged into it. Big old 32 inch tv the 1000W WC PC a phone charger and a USB HDD. So apparently i had 3 things on it than plugged in the HDD and it put it over the limit and the PSU couldn't draw in power when it needed it. So moral is PLUG INTO THE WALL OUTLET.

Thanks guys.

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