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fried 8800 gt!!

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I have taken a photo of my bro's 8800 gt. He told me when he turned on the computer that he saw sparks going from his 8800gt

Does anybody know what part of the 8800gt has been damaged? you can see the burned bit)
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I can see it barely through the blurs.
sparks from a video card is not a good sign.Consider it kaput
Its toast, the resistors are blown
Was it overclocked to the moon? Old card?
If you're bored out of your skull, you can try and figure out what the resistors were, the cap was, etc, and make a mini circut board and re-do it. Good luck though.

Originally Posted by boss_da_man
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nah. it was stock

Doesn't look like a reference (stock pcb) 8800GT but here's a Evga 8800GT w/reference board:

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