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Friends parts are in, anything I need to know?

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Friends parts just came in,
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 140W

Couple questions before I get started on it.

What is max safe voltage for 24/7
What is max safe temp for 24/7
What software do I need(Never done anything with amd before)

I read about NB overclocking, I can read how to do it, but what are safe voltages for it?

Is there anything else I need to know.

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max voltages and frequency depends on what kind of aftermarket cooler you buy, ambient temperatures and air flow in and out the case

Usually if you have these three things the safe voltage are:

1.55 Volts for vcore
Stop when load temperatures go above 60
Everest to monitor temperatures (it can do a whole bunch of stuff and its not free)

CPU-Z to see the your system settings/status

Use the Bios to overclock

Use Prime95 and (linx I prefer the latter as it is more intensive than p95) to check for stability

memtest86 to check for memory stability

good luck there are many many guides on how to overclock your cpu

NB overclocking is important because

As the CPU increases its speed to calculate data, so must the speed of which the CPU communicates with other components on the Motherboard: chipset, memory, etc. Let me take the classic example of a 4.0 GHz 940BE and its CPU-NB. If you were to leave the CPU-NB at 1.8 GHz stock then the data calculated by the CPU would create a bottleneck and thus resulting in errata errors or CPU errors. So in order to balance these speeds a CPU-NB clock of 3.0 GHz would be needed. In most cases of high OC's that result in crashes; the CPU-NB is usually the culprit.
Dont go over 1.4 volts on the NB
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Thanks a lot

Hadn't heard about linx will give it a shot.

So 1.55V and 60C max for 24/7? (Assuming 60C max during stress testing, not normal operations)

Are there any options other than Everest that a free? I use realtemp for intel but I think I read that it won't work correctly for this cpu..
yes, but try to keep volts low as possible while being stable, trial and error
Your doing your first overclock with another persons equipment..................they are brave...lol.
Good luck with it there is plenty of info on how to overclock but let it weigh on your mind that the cpu isn't yours so be conservative.
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