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This is going to be my first proper mod job.
my antec 900 atm has been sprayed the same colour as what my now deceased car was. Cosmo blue metallic. This was done in a kind of tribute to my car. (all the pc modding I have done in my life)
. I know most people feel that flames and lightning are rather generic/un-cool to use . but I quite like flames dragons and lightning (preferably all together but that’s just being greedy lol). So the idea is to build

•A new side panel
•Cable management system
•Air or water cooling (dependant on money)
•New paint job
•Maybe custom paint motherboard to match design (non conductive paint?)
•Same as motherboard with graphics card and power supply.
•Some sort of cover for graphics card and power supply (may also hide water setup if using)

Now all this is sounding rather daunting to me as I haven’t done much pc modding but I used to do a ton of model painting and customizing when I was a teenager so hopefully I have developed enough skills to carry on my obsession with modification.

Case wise I would like to do this to my Antec 900 but may along the way buy another case as not to disturb my day to day gaming.

Would like to build a fully internal (no outside cables or tubes) water cooling solution but I am slightly hit atm by this current economic climate.

I have read many logs of other peoples mods to Antec 900’s so some of what I may be doing might be fairly similar to that but by no means do I mean to copy it just simply use for inspiration.

This may take some time to-do as with Christmas approaching and my new years trip to Blackpool funds are a little tight. Also I don’t want to get anything wrong. Like my tattoo I have been wanting the same design for 4 years now just don’t have the disposable income to get it done. (PC is more important though lol) work will also be getting in my way by taking up most of my daylight but im sure once this project gets into full swing there will be no power in the verse that can stop me!

Day 1

Enlisted the help of my sister (studying art and design at college) to draw up some designs for either a flame or lightning side window. While I continue on the hunt to finance the project/ find parts cheaply. I have also installed Google sketch-up and pro desktop onto my machine to help with designs of case (over 4 years since I worked with either tools) not really any pictures atm as I have not done anything apart from some idea tree’s.

As I am unsure atm as to whether or not I am water-cooling this, I will have to make designs for both a water-cooling setup and an air cooling setup.

Does anyone know where in the uk I might be able to get spare right and left side panels for an antec 900 other then buying a whole new case. As I may need to get hold of a few to perfect my designs (and for screw-ups lol) This is the main reason for posting now.
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Ok have ordered myself some cable sleaving and a new Antec 900 case . now I have been asked by a few friends “why not just go for the 1200 plenty of space in that.†Well I have thought about it but I like the challenge of trying to get everything I want to fit in the 900 plus. I got the new case for only £50 of eBay, compared to the £120 minimum I would have to play for the 1200.

as soon as I get my new phone (has 12mp camera much better then my actual digital camera) I will get some photo’s of the bits and bobs I have brought. Un-fortunately as it is so close to Christmas I actually have to start tiding the house rather then spreading myself around it. Hopefully ill get cable holes cut before Christmas but not 100% sure that will happen atm.
Ok here are pictures or what it looks like atm. unfortunatly nothing new has arrived since my new post so got nought to show there but here is the PC as it is now.

before turning on

After turning on

Top Mess

bottom mess

side shot

as you can see it is kinda messy. bit more so the usual as i just had to pull some wires to check my friends fan controler works.
well thats it for now as nothing has arrived for me to shoot/play with (apart from a few xbox's) new case should arrive friday and then i can start some o the fun.
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LOVE the old Kenwood/JVC looking stereo you have on the shelf! I have an old digital Kenwood that will blow away any of these new, weird-brand receivers away. I have my computer and piano run through it.

If you ever need any car help, feel free to PM or email me!
well my cable sleaving arrived.

not used cable sleaving or heatshrink a try so here is some pics of my first attempt on some duff cables i had lying around.

to make the heat shrink do its job i used my butane soldering iron with heat blower atachment. (still has a flame though and you can see a couple of scortch marks on the cable so might go and get an actual heat gun)
here is a pic of it.

well thats it atm as nothing else has arrived still and i am off to a lan event for the weekend. hopefully the case should be arriving friday.
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Nice job so far...

And also...nice HDTV. I <3 Sharp.
just letting people know the case did arrive that Friday. but so did my p45 so until i get another full time job i wont be making much progress. although i will still be trying to do some 3d mock-ups and get the the side window graphics finalized. not much else i can do but keep looking at designs and finalize mine so that when i do go ahead it will be like a lightning storm lol.
well i have not heard from my sister in a while so i decided to try making a rough outline of how i would like the case window so she has less to think about here is what i have come up with.

(I know its not very good im not good at photoshop or paint shop pro)

I am now thinking heavily about the project not got the money to-do much atm but at least i will have the plans all laid out to build it.

just found out as well that our dremel is now an ex. dremel so need to get a new one but which is better was looking either a:

dremel 4000
dremel 400

which do you guys think would be better?
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ok so here are some of the designs i have thought up. side panel stil needs some work but is getting there and have done some designs for the main part of the case.

side panel


I thought a bit about how the outside will be painted. im either going to keep it black or im going to try and do a fade effect like this

or i might just use red and blue still a little un decided about that atm.

because i am no longer going to be using the drive cages that the antec 900 came with i need a way of attaching the front fans. I am thinking about placing a tripple rad grill the width of the fans from the front of the case and the normal grills that the antec 900 has in front of the fans.

the front of the case and the normal grills that the antec 900 has in front of the fans.

And was thinking something like this for said bracket/grill

still alot to do but starting to get a more real idea of how this is going to look. hope you like any comments welcome.
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Thats nice man, drastically changing the looks mainly by painting certain bits a different colour.

although if i do water cooling i would like to try and make it all internal. and i will be making a few holes for the cables lol.
Looks pretty good so far! Sub'd and love the antec 900
ok as soon as i get home from work with card adaptor ill upload a few more pictures.

but first
stripped the A900 down to nothing but its metal chassis all plastic parts removed but now I am having a bit of trouble with de riveting the case i have broken 2 drill bits and only managed to get through 5 rivets. am i doing something wrong or are they harder rivets in the Antec 900.

also got my cheap £10 Dremel equivalent through today so hopefully will start making some progress.

put my spare parts in a cheap case i brought too so if i do take my main rig apart i will have another to post/ light gaming on

I am also looking for a new monitor have these for ideas

Samsung SyncMaster P2450H 24 £189.99
Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS 24 £199.99

BenQ G2420HDBL 24 £154.99
BenQ E2420HD 24 £178.77
Benq V2410Eco 24 £182.36

Iiyama ProLite E2407HDSD 24 £159.25

all have good reviews and similar specs which is why its getting confusing. im leaning toward the Samsung SyncMaster P2450H as ive had a syncMaster for the last 4 years and its only just come to upgrading it.

looking to buy this week or Monday next week

any feedback
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Originally Posted by ardente2007
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side panel

Really nice look, I like the blue and the flames, the black will that be clear? It almost looks like a space ship leaving the atmosphere.
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Originally Posted by AaronGR View Post
Really nice look, I like the blue and the flames, the black will that be clear? It almost looks like a space ship leaving the atmosphere.
the blue and red will be tinted acrylic with some form of lighting inside and the black is either going to stay black or will become that fade effect pic i posted just not too good at photoshop or sketchup so not sure how to get that on my model.
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ok so here are the pics i said i would up load of the case disassembled.

here is a pic of my cheap dremel alternative

and as to the monitor i decided to get the samsung P2450H and have include a few pics of that in my current setup.

also in these pics i have added blue neon under lighting to my desk and shelf above the desk it also goes along my cabinets to the other side of the room for a little bit of mood lighting

as soon as i get a little time i will begin cutting the case up.
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ok so the cheap version dremel replica is absolute pants. it cut the blanking plate fine that i tested it on but as soon as i went to cut the main chassis it just scratched it. i guess u really do get what you pay for. oh well will have to get an actual dremel later as funds are a little tight.
got a few more pics of progress. this has been very slow as i have been working all over the country the last 6 months.

what is covered in cardboard there will be made out of aluminium

now i made a few holes

also going to cover the psu and cables with the same style cover as the dvd drive

The hole in the top left you can see a little burn mark this is because i had the torque setting wrong on my drill.

need to get a larger hole saw the the bottom hole where the psu is i have found that i would like to make holes with the provision for going water cooling but at this stage i do not have the funds for it going on holiday next year to cancun and is costing me a lot of money
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