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From AMD OC to Intel OC

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Hey guys, so I just made my switch to intel with a hit of the purchase button

I was wondering what the difference was between overclocking AMD vs Intel, specifically an i7 920. i would like to learn all I need to learn before my purchase gets here so I can be ready

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i have no experience with i7, but i can tell you that overclocking with intel is far more satisfying.

on my old AMD setup, ga-m57sli-s4 and a 5200+ i could BARELY hit 3.1ghz, i tried everything. as soon as i moved on to my current intel setup i hit 3.8ghz in no time. with that being said, i dont think you will need to know much new stuff, mostly just get used to the new names of settings.
Well, one thing i've learned for example is that witherclocking the intels, overclocking the FSB gives you more performance than with the multi? is that correct? and al so, most intel chips don't come with unlocked multi's, does that mean that intels don't have "black editions like AMD? also, what is QPI, how does an i7 have 8 threads with only four cores? etc, there lots of things i dont understand... also, WITH amd you have to disable Cool n' quiet, is there anything similar like that with intel? im very lost.
Yeah, make sure you Disable eist (i cant remember the name).

The reason why i7 has 8 threads is because it uses Hyperthreading, which basically means that the extra 4 cores are virtual cores but can handle more tasks.

Intel has the Extreme Edition line which is basically Black Edition, but they are far more expensive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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