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Hello all,

I'm planning on mobo replacement.

I always used x16 2.0 gfx cards on my old x16 1.0 slot.

While i thought having a boost once using it on the new x16 2.0 slot, i discovered many links :


Finally, i'm "shocked"...

Indeed, i always was conscious about bandwidths and always studying the best ratios to avoid such incoherences as using external classic hard drives @ USB3 enclosures ... a transport way completely "unused"...

Well, i admit have been disappointed by not having studied graphics cards bandwidths.

But, while i always found numerical values for any device (transfer speeds, bandwidth i/o slots, etc...), values for gfx cards seem so obscure...

While the pci-e bandwidth is know, i can't find the values for gfx cards...

Many values can be found anyway :


But, all articles/reviews state : "gfx cards are far from saturating pci-e 2.0 bandwidth"... Well, in which numbers is it stated ??

I can't find a clear & simple answer to the simple question : "which max bandwidth can be used / is needed by such gfx card model ?"

Furthermore, other paramters have to be considered (fps, etc...).

By the way, if i migrate from x16 1.0 to x8 2.0 : same performance ?

Indeed, question has to be asked : x16 1.0 bw = x8 2.0 bw, but i consider the fact that number of lanes can also impact performance (as asking differences between 1 * 2GB RAM or 2 * 1GB RAM).

Thank you very much for considering this.


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