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Hello I am hoping to get some help on an issue I have come across.
I recently had to change my MBU from a gigabyte to the Intel DZ68DB. The new board does not see to have the port on it to support the front panel USB connector.

I have included a screenshot of the Intel MBU.

Intel-DZ68DB.jpg 242k .jpg file

I need to figure out a way to attach the USB cable to the MBU. Here is an image of the Front Panel USB connector.

FrontPanel.jpeg 42k .jpeg file

Is there any suggestions?

Thank You


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You have a USB 3.0 connector from the front panel and only some 2.0 connections on the mobo. You can either purchaser a converter to make the 3.0 connector into 2.0 or just not have USB on the front and let it hang.

Next time post up more info. Going off pictures only is not fun.
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