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Front panel connectors

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Alright guys.

Like a complete n00b I was sat at my desk the other day and I twisted arround on my chair and caught my game pads usb connector with my knee and took out the usb sockets on my cases front panel. :swearing: I'm wondering if I can get some new usb ports for my case. They are the side by side type. Also, my front panel head phone and mic sockets are the crappy type that thread though your case and out the back and plug into the onboard sound via mini-jacks. Which is usless to me, so I was also wondering if I could get new ones with a header type connection so I could plug them into the motherboards sound header.

Does anyone know where to get these from because I've had a quick look around and havn't found any.

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Lots of places sell multifunction panels that have USB ports, audio ports, and then things like card readers and fan controllers, but the places I know to get them online only ship to the states. Any case-mod supply store should have something like that though, it shouldn't be too hard to find.
Go to Newegg they have many different front panels in 3.5 and 5.25.I know your in England you probably can find what you need over there.Just shop on Newegg and then search for what you like in some of the computer stores there.
I have the Silverstone FP32 with 4x USB, IEEE1394 (firewire), Mic, and headphone and all of them connect to the motherboard via internal headers.
Cheers Radodrill, that silverstone bay I precisely the sort of thing I need. It's quite cheap too which is good.
If I get this though, it presents me with another problem. In my 3.5 bay blanking plate I have mounted a rocker switch for my cold cathodes. If I put the silverstone panel in the place of the switch, is was thinking I could move the switch to where the old (broken) usb ports were, at the side of the bezel. Can anyone suggest where I can find a decent selection of good looking switches? I can be from America.
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