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[FrozenCPU] Panaflo H1A 92mm Fan (BX) w/ RPM Sensor 99 cents!

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Panaflo H1A 92mm Fan (BX) w/ RPM Sensor

56.8CFM, 2850RPM, 35dBA, 99 cents!
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would go nice on the first version of the vendetta or the smaller version of the xiggy.. LOL
Case exhaust fans!
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Originally Posted by error10 View Post
Case exhaust fans!
really loud for just exhaust or intake
rather use em as cpu fans
+rep for a nice find btw
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lol.. these things cost almost 8$ to ship. =|

It's a good deal for anyone who lives in the buffalo area
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If you're already ordering stuff, like I was, then you can throw a couple in.
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