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[FRYS] YMMV - $15 ASUS Rampage III Extreme Intel X58 1366 Motherboard

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Maybe you all will have better luck. None available in Houston.

Introducing the (now old) ASUS R.O.G Rampage III Extreme motherboard.

The Rampage III Extreme motherboard features Intel's® X58 chipset and supports Core i7 processors. The DDR3 triple-channel memory architecture with speeds up to 2200 MHz offers optimum performance for extreme gamers and enthusiasts. With ROG Connect, system tweaking is done purely at the hardware level with iROG through the connection of a notebook or even a smartphone via the RC Bluetooth capability. Overclock with ease knowing that the components are powered by Extreme Engine Digi+ to take on the toughest overclocking needs and record-breaking benchmarks. All-New USB BIOS Flashback is the easiest way to refresh the BIOS. Achieve the extreme graphics performance of SLI/CrossFireX with 4PCIe x16 slots. ROG Extreme OC Kit presents a new set of useful features including LN2 Mode, Q Reset, generous 8- and 4-pin connectors, and PCIe x16 Lane Switch bound to make overclocking ever more exciting and easy.

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None Available in Florida. Actually the only state that it's available in is California!

Great Find Though!
Looks like another one of their falsely advertised prices with nothing in stock to get people into the door. Maybe not.
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Shame in store only. Very good find.
Says item unavailable for in store pick up at a San Diego CA store lol.
My nearest one never has the good deals in stock, lol.
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