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Selling my old laptop, a lenovo think pad edge e420. Has good specs and is very fast.

CPU- I5 2410M
4gb RAM
128gb Crucial M4 SSD

It does not currently have windows installed, I uninstalled thinking i'd put the SSD in my new laptop but ended up getting one with more space. There is a windows product key under the battery so all the buyer would have to do is use their install disk and use that key. I would do it but i've been extremely busy lately and just don't have the time. Also one of the rubber feet fell off the bottom of the laptop. It really makes no difference, it just leaves a little hole at the bottom and you can see the motherboard through it.

I've had the laptop for about 2 years and it has been lightly used in that time. Only reason im selling it is because I got a brand new macbook.

Asking $325 OBO. Not taking any trades.

The reason the pic says bootmgr is missing is because windows isint installed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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