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FS: MSI Radeon 7970 Lightning
*Card is a 7970 "power edition" but is physically the same as a lightning (has a lightning bios too) Only difference was a sticker put over the lightning logo on the card. 2yrs+ of warranty.
Price: $415-shipped -SOLD


DSLR camera+ lenses
High-end headphones
DAC and/or amp

Heatware under kow_ciller (108-0)

Payment options:
*money order
*personal check (will ship after it clears)

*Shipping included unless noted
*PM for international shipping quotes

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Hi there, we talked via PM, but i can only send 2 PM's a day cause Im new to OCN. But I really am interested in purchasing it. You can check my online buying/selling reputation on eBay, my username is Dex3121. I have 33 positive reviews and zero negative reviews. I'll send you a PM as soon as i'm allowed to, but if you want to send me your paypal info, I'll send you $415 immediately.
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