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CaseLabs S3 up for grabs!

The case is in great condition and has minor scratches here and there but they are hardly visible. The top drop-in mount has a bit of sticky residue that I have yet to be able to take off from the velcro that came with the NZXT hubs while I used them. Everything that originally came with the case (i.e. the spare parts baggie for one) will be included.

The following is the original configuration:
  • Case Color: Black/White Two Tone (Interior - White, Exterior - Black)
  • Top Chassis Radiator Mount: Drop-In Universal Mount (240 / 280)
  • Top Cover Style: Ventilated (36mm Ext)
  • Left Door Style: Window - Clear
  • Right Door Style: Window - Clear
  • Flex Bay Style: 120mm x 2 Radiator Mount
I have a couple of extras that I ordered over the year that I owned the case that may be added or replaced:
  • 2x Windowed/Ventilated Doors
  • SSD Stealth Tray
  • Slightly used DEMCiflex filter for the front 120.2 flexbay
  • New DEMCiflex 140.2 for the top drop-in
Send a PM in regards to the configuration you would like or if you would like everything thrown in.

Payments will be done through PayPal (PM if you cannot do PayPal). Local pick-up will be done around the Dallas area. Shipping will depend on when it is bought but at most it should take 2 days to ready it, furthermore it will be shipped to the address registered on PayPal. We will work out a deal if you want it shipped. If you would like it sent elsewhere add it to the notes section or PM me as soon as possible. I will not be responsible in the cases where your current address does not match your PayPal address and you made zero effort to contact me about it.

Sorry, no international shipping. I do not mind shipping elsewhere for someone else to ship/hold for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM. I am always open to reasonable offers.

Items interested in for trading purposes:
  • Strix GTX970
  • Nemesis 280GTS
  • Nemesis 360GTS
  • Nemesis 360GTX
  • MCP50x
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