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I'm pretty stumped as to why my FSB is 1040MHz at

HTT: 2x
Mult: 8x

but when i move it to

HTT: Auto
Mult: 10x

it's exactly the same, 1040MHz. Both settings have a clock at 260...it makes sense if the Auto setting make it's 4x becasue 260x4 = 1040 but why is it the same when 260x2= 1040??? it doesnt make much sense or is my AiBooster showing the wrong reading?

EDIT: Ok well I basically figured out the AiBooster thing is worthless at giving me an accurate FSB reading, I went into Sandra and it gave me the proper reading of 810 with a 3x270

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1040 should be fine... most MB can run 1040-1080 stable... some even higher but that waht testing is for

If it's stable at 1040 go with it.
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