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FSB won't go higher

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I was over-clocking my computer but before I got very far I came across a bit of an odd problem. If I try to set the FSB to run at any higher than 224MHz the BIOS won't initialise and after a few attempts resets itself to the stock of 200MHz. Does anyone know if this is resolvable?
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You might a FSB wall. Try adding more northbridge or CPU voltage to get passed it. That is a really low one, too. It might be a FSB hole; that's when your motherboard has certain FSB speeds it cannot use, but a higher number would work. Try 300 and see if it boots.
I would think your motherboard might be holding you back. ASRock isn't the friendliest company for overclocking. Try upping over 224FSB and raising your vcore up a bit. It might just be an FSB hole.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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