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fsck for a vista drive???

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I now have a corrupt vista drive that the install cd cant fix. I just loaded ubuntu on to my 2nd drive. can i use any program in linux to fix my vista drive. like fsck /(some parameter that I dont know). so I can get back to vista booting for me. any help guys!!! and take it easy on me i've used linux for about 2hrs of my entire life!!!!!!!
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Better idea is to go to distrowatch.com and use the search feature.


Search for rescue or forensic or recovery live CDs. Hopefully they can recover your data.

But why did you say your vista drive is corrupt. Can you just not boot or is it more than that.
i replace my ram yesterday had bsod during boot up(scrolling green bar part) and now have a corrupt master file that i cant get fixed
Master boot record or master file? If all you did was screw up the MBR you should be able to fix it with the Vista install disk.

If you are sure (doesn't sound right to me tho) you fried your actual filesystem then look for recovery tools where I mentioned.
its a corrupt master file table. the "important" one. every thing i read is that im sol.
Yeah then you should really get some NTFS recovery tools. Did you check that site? Or search for NTFS recovery???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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