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[Fud] ATI announces 40nm mobile GPUs

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Mobile HD 4860 and 4830

AMD has announced its first 40nm graphics parts, the Mobility Radeon HD 4830 and HD 4860. However, ATI's first desktop 40nm GPU, the RV740, is scheduled to launch in April. The move to 40nm marks the fifth consecutive first-to-market transition to a new production process for ATI.

Asustek is the first vendor to announce notebooks powered by ATI's new 40nm mobile GPUs. According to Henry Yeh, GM of Asustek's Notebook Business Unit, the upcoming Asus K series notebooks will be the first products to feature the new GPUs.

The Mobile HD 4860 and 4830 are based on the 4800 series architecture, and feature GDDR5 and DDR3 memory respectively. Also, both feature the second generation UVD and other ATI technologies such as PowerPlay, PowerXpress and Switchable Graphics.

The first notebooks to feature ATI's 40nm GPUs are planned for availability in Q2.

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