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[Fud] Nvidia GTS 250 marketing plan

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What's worse than rebranding?
Tomorrow, on the opening day of CeBIT 2009, Nvidia will formalize the name change of its Geforce 9800GTX+ performance segment card to become Geforce GTS 250 in order to integrate this GPU with its new product naming scheme.

What has just been revealed, however, is the company's strategic marketing plan to revitalize the flow of consumerism in its performance segment. The fact is, a major portion of Nvidia's success in such a situation lies with the objectivity of its product reviewers. Positive reviews will go a long way in influencing the general consensus of public opinion, and therefore the company has decided to "improve," or should we say manipulate its assets.

According to Hardware.fr, the following information details Nvidia's guidelines to boards partners regarding the GTS 250 launch:

March 3rd â€" Reviews go live of GTS 250 1GB fast boards (738/1100)

March 10th â€" GTS 250 1GB and 512MB fast boards (738/1100) available for sale.

March 17th â€" GTS 250 1GB slow boards (738/1000) available for sale.

NOTE: The older slow 1GB (1000MHz memory) boards should not go on sale till after March 17th.
The only exceptions are if partners can overclock the memory on these to hit 1100MHz.

Simply put, Nvidia is sending out higher clocked GTS 250 cards to reviewers within the first week of launch, and is then sending out slower GTS 250 cards for the majority of sales from retailers like Newegg, NCIX, Micro Center, and other distributors.

Nvidia is suggesting that its board partners hide the existence of these higher clocked review cards by branding them as "overclocked" models to avoid market confusion. The note suggests that should partners wish to sell the slower cards with 1.0ns DDR3 modules (rated up to 1000MHz) prior to March 17th, the chips must be overclocked to at least 1100MHz, or the speed of the 0.8ns modules.

Moreover, it seems as if the company is concerned about its slower 9800GTX+ stock being rebranded to meet the specifications of the GTS 250. It needs to ensure it can fit cards with both fast and slow memory chips under one product name.
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