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[Fud] Nvidia slashes prices of GTS250, GTX260

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Nvidia slashes GTS 250, GTX 260 prices Written by Peter Scott Friday, 13 March 2009 10:14

GTS 250 to €119, GTX 260 to €173

Nvidia has
cut prices of its GTS 250 and GTX 260 graphics cards by 10 to 15 percent.

The recently launched GTS 250 rebrand has dropped by around €20 to €119, and ends up priced on par with ATI's Radeon HD 4850. Not all vendors and retailers have updated their prices, but it seems you should be able to get a GTS 250 for €110 to €120 rather soon.

If you're not keen on getting Nvidia's latest rebrand, there's some good news for you as well, as the company has slashed prices of its GT200 based GTX 260 cards. The cheapest GTX 260 list price we managed to find this morning was €173. Considering these cards were selling for well over €200 just a couple of weeks ago, this is rather good news.

In case you've missed it, ATI has recently cut prices of its HD 4870 cards, and you can get one for about €150 these days. ATI has still to cut prices of HD 4850 cards, which sell for €120+, and will come under pressure once Nvidia's GTS 250 price cut goes into effect.

It is quite possible Nvidia's latest cut will force ATI to respond accordingly, and cut HD 4850 and HD 4830 prices.
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If you're not keen on getting Nvidia's latest rebrand

All this price cutting scares me, I hope it doesn't force ATI/Nvida away from cutting edge just to stay cost competitive.
bring those price cuts to the UK...
awesome i hope this drives down prices of the gtx285. tri sli would be nice!

Originally Posted by -iceblade^
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bring those price cuts to the UK...

We simply are not that lucky lol
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Would be nice if we would see those prices in Canada.

4850 for $119 but the GTS250 is $180 for the same performance..
Oh damn, if the GTS 250 will cost €119, how much will the GTS 240 be? 85€?
Still nearly 200€ for a GTX260 (216SP) card in France.
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