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[FUD] Nvidia will do x86 when it makes sense

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Last week we asked Nvidia representatives what the official company stand is on its x86 CPU project and we got a simple answer - Nvidia might do this if they realize that it makes sense.

Even if Nvidia is doing something about it, they won't rat it until they have something real. Even if something is going on at this time, most people, including some senior personnel, wouldn’t even know about it.

Since Nvidia is happy with its Tegra platform and its opportunities to bring a device that can run many multimedia things on an iPhone format device, they are starting to look in that direction. The Tegra is powered by an ARM CPU, meaning Nvidia could bring its CPU and actually give Intel and AMD something to fight against.

All in all, we believe that it will just be a case similar to Intel’s graphics codenamed Larrabee project, and it will be tough for Nvidia to shine with its CPU project. After all, Nvidia’s first GPU, the NV1, was a complete failure, while NV5 was much better. These things takes time but Nvidia has proven before that it can be done.
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What? O, and they'll do nVision when it makes sense too, huh? .....

Cmon nvidia! Get some good press!
This probably means unless opportunity comes and lays an egg right on their lap it probably won't happen. Things are different then back during the 90's and the first days of the GPU. Breaking into the market with a bad product, especially with very valid lawsuits trailing you, is just not feasible.

Truthfully, with CUDA, Tegra, and the relationship Nvidia has now with intel and game consoles it makes sense right now. Step up and bat green team.
Vague answer and it looks like an opinion article. How do you define what makes sense? Announcing that Nvidia will manufacture x86 and then saying they won't doesn't make sense. It is like they are in it to just push their stock prices up.
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