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[FUD]Windows 7 RC1 possibly releasing last week of May

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Microsoft updates its product schedule

According to Russian website Wzor, Microsoft has updated its 2010 Technical Adoption Program schedule and has provided new dates for major Windows 7 builds among other Microsoft products.

As of now, the latest build of Windows 7 is 7061 which was released on March 11th. Microsoft plans to send internal Release Candidate builds of its upcoming operating system to select testers in the last week of April. Meanwhile, the public will receive Windows 7 RC1 and Windows Server 2008 RC2 during the last week of May.

Microsoft's delay of the Windows 7 Release Candidate build won't necessarily push back the final retail release, but will merely give testers more time to point out problems and provide feedback. There is a handful of new updates expected with the RC build over the current beta builds which have been detailed by the company here.

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I've never seen a due date being beat. Its always either JUST in time or late.
I can't wait for the RTM version to come out. That is when I'm going to make the switch.
Beta is already killer (I run the build 7000), I can't imagine how much faster and overall better the RC is going to be, let alone the RTMs and the Final version.
:O Man, MS is really hittin' off to bat hardcore style I'm lovin' this more and more as I read on. Keep up the good work! I hope this turns out to be an even smoother and awesome experience. I'm so glad Microsoft is apparently listening to their users a lot too. ^^
Build 7048 seemed a little iffy to me.
Build 7057 is really good.

Both have problems though.
I should have known it's FUD.
Last week of May? What happened to the April 12th due date?
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