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[Fudzilla] ATI's 40nm performance card is RV8x0

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Still missing the x

We found out that ATI's next generation 40nm performance card, the one that will replace RV770 / RV790 55nm cards, is going to have an RV8x0 codename. We still don’t know the last number but RV870 or 880 sound like some reasonable options.

This chip should be coming after Q2 2009, so it should launch a bit later, we suspect Q3 2009. Just bear in mind that Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850 were launched in late Q2 and since RV740 looks quite ready to us, ATI might have its performance 40nm part sooner than many have expected.

Nvidia should have its performance part in Q3 2009 as well but we don’t know enough about RV8x0 or GT216 to have an idea who will win this round of the performance war.
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it won't matter about the performance war, even if nvidia "win" they still sell at a loss & ati at a profit.
Looks to me as if ATI now has the jump on releasing new high-end stuff. Nvidia is playing catch-up. As long as ATI keeps making great "bang for the buck" cards, I will keep buying. I think I will buy their next $200 card, just like I did last year.

ATI for gaming, Nvidia for folding.
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Wow, FUD. Thanks. This has pretty much been common knowledge for a number of months already.
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