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[Fudzilla] Intel 945G family production to slow down

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Transition time

Intel will peak out production of its 945G chipset family, that are mainly sold to support Atom based systems. According to the current plan, the production and market share of Atom based 945G family chipsets will be 5.64 percent of total chipset market in Q1 while this number will drop to 3.21 in Q2.

The future is not bright for this chipset, as in Q3 only 2.57 percent of all chipsets are expected to be 945G based and in Q4 it will drop to 1.67 percent. The reason behind is that Intel plans to introduce GN40 chipset shortly and some partners such as MSI will use the US15 Pulsbo chipset that will take the hearts of many Atom based netbooks.

In Q4 2009, Tigerton, a renamed ICH7 also comes in the game to take 1.19 percent and 0.12 percent in Q3 2009. Market research companies hope for 33 to 35 million netbooks in 2009, while we are sure that this year might be a good boost for nettops, with many small form factor dual-cores, and all in one monitor PCs and similar concepts.

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