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[Fudzilla] Intel has a new price list

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No changes

Intel's latest price list is effective as of Monday, even if it is dated March 15th but sadly, it doesn't actually bring any significant changes compared to the February 22nd price list.

All the major CPUs including Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core i7 series have the same price, and the only CPU that got reduced is the Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M 723 with 1MB cache and 1.2 MB L2 cache that dropped from $161 to $107, or 34 percent.

Nehalem EP Xeons are still not listed, despite the fact that Apple is selling them for a few days now, but as we said before, they will hit the market on the March 30th.

The rest of the roadmap remains the same, Core i7 and Core 2 are the dominant ones and there won’t be any big news in this line-up for a while.

You can grab the price list here.
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***? it's not even new.
Yea I don't know why Fudzilla posted this. The drops, few in number, are very insignificant.
on overclockers.co.uk the i7 920 increased by £10

Originally Posted by NotMarkk
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on overclockers.co.uk the i7 920 increased by £10

That'll be our horrible exchange rate
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more like their rip you off for no reason pricing.
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