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Ok so I may be willing to start parting this out. I won't be able to start shipping parts until Monday Sep 9, to give me enough time to move my main rig from one house to another. I also need to figure out exactly what to price everything at. It will be in line with average used sale prices on here and on ebay.

This PC for sale has an i7 8700K, ASUS RTX2080 graphics card, ASUS Maximus X Hero motherboard, with 16GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 @3200. The monitor is a 1440p QHD ultrawide 100Hz gaming monitor with FreeSync (can be used with "G-Sync Compatible"). Once you use an ultrawide monitor, you may never want to use a standard 16:9 again. Playing on this monitor is a wonderful experience.

CPU: i7 8700K - Swiftech Apogee block (white)
RAM: 2x8GB TridentZ 3200 (white)
Motherboard: Maximus X Hero (Wifi)
GPU: ASUS RTX2080 Turbo (TU104 A-chip) - Bitspower Block
SSD: 1 TB Samsung 970-Evo NVMe (PCIe 3.0 x4)
HDD: 2 TB Western Digital Blue, SATA 3
Power Supply: EVGA 850 GQ (only 5 months old)
Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass case

Custom water cooling loop with water blocks on both the CPU and GPU (graphics card). didnt u know.. better means more FPSssss
Water cooling details:
Primochill Tube Res (frosted) 120mm - (D5-enabled)
D5 vario water pump
Swiftech MCR320-QP radiator (360mm)
Swiftech Helix 120mm fans (one is unplugged currently)

Monitor: MSI MAG341cq - 21:9 1440p ultrawide (https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E)

Here is a PCPartPicker link with all of the components in the build. PCPartPicker Part List
The new price is listed at $2450. In reality it's probably more than that due to the custom water cooling loop. (I added a 360mm Kraken AIO cooler to the parts list because they dont allow you add custom cooling components. The reality is that this water loop would cost a lot more than the 360mm Kraken costs. For example, the Bitspower water block on the graphics card is $185 by itself - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M8D374W)
I have been building and gaming on custom PCs for 20 years -- this PC is no exception. All parts hand-picked, assembled with love and care. I can also provide any assistance that may be needed (not sure what). The buyer will also need to get their own Windows license (I can get/sell a Win 10 Pro license for $40)

- I may be willing to include a mouse, keyboard (K70 RGB) and large Steelseries QcK mousepad
- I have a new unopened Logitech G305 wireless. This is the same mouse as the G Pro (wired), but it's wireless and uses the Hero sensor (not to be confused with G Pro Wireless, which is a completely different mouse/shape)
- I may be willing to negotiate on pricing, but it will ultimately be in line with current new/used prices on each piece of hardware/component.


Asking $1750 for the entire setup

(sorry if this post seems a little like im talking down to you or insulting your intelligence.. I copy pasted from my craigslist ad, which is sorta written to a more a general, less experienced audience)


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