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[Full Log] Shogo: Hybrid HTPC/Gaming Internal Watercooled Thermaltake Lanbox

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Shogo in a Sugo Pack

Hello everyone... just want to show you my hybrid htpc/gaming computer that I have completed. After seeing Syrillian's watercooled Lanbox, I want to do the same as well but with a different approach. Everything outside the case look relatively stock and the water cooling is kept internally. Reason I want to have it internal is because I want to maintain the compact look of the computer without having anything protruding.

Here are the specs on the computer:
Chassis - Thermaltake Lanbox VF1000BWS
Motherboard - Asus P5Q-EM
Processor - Intel E8400 E0
Memory - G.Skill 2GB F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ
Hard Drive - WD RaptorX 150GB
Power Supply - Enermax Infiniti 650W
Video Card - Palit Radeon HD 3870 GDDR3
TV Card - AverMedia AverTV Combo
Other - 2-in-1 PCI card (Wifi + Bluetooth)

And here are the watercooling components:
Pump - Swiftech MCP355 with Koolance Pump Nozzle Base
Rad - Black Ice GT Stealth 120 + Black Ice Micro 80
Reservoir - Alphacool Mini Water Tank
Fluid - Distilled Water + Pentosin G11 + PT Nuke
CPU Block - Swiftech Apogee IU
GPU Block - Swiftech MCW 60
Tubing - Tygon 3603 3/8" ID (1/2" OD)
Other - Koolance compression fittings + Generic compression fittings

Loop Order is as follows:
[Reservoir -> 120mm Rad -> Pump -> CPU Block -> 80mm Rad -> GPU Block -> Back to Reservoir]

So without further ado, it times for show and tell.

The Outside:

Here is a picture of the case in the front. Thermaltake 7-in LCD monitor in the top and DVD Drive in the bottom. The metal fan grille in the front has been changed with tinted acrylic to give the case a uniform look.

Here is a picture of the handle that has been painted with Rust-Oleum Hammered. It gives the handle a more rugged look and feel.

The small stock feet that came with the case look and feels cheap. So I replace them with bigger, better quality feet.

The window in the side has been replaced with 2-way acrylic mirror. It gives it that nice discrete look to it... plus you can see your own reflecton as well.

Here is a picture of the back of the case with all the plug and ports. The 15-pin D-sub is used for connecting the video card (or discrete graphic) to the 7-in LCD monitor and the small switch is for the cold cathode light.

The Inside:

Initially, I wanted to get the Thermaltake Lanbox HT because of the integrated VFD display and remote. But since they are not available in the United States and ordering one overseas is bloody expensive, I opt to mod the front of the case and install the Thermaltake Media Lab... basically it is a "Lanbox HT mod". At first I though of using 2-way acrylic mirror for the front, but it didn't look right and instead used the regular tint acrylic since it blends in with the front.

Here is a picture of the 80mm radiator with 2 fans for push and pull. Pump is in the upper left of the picture and cold cathode inverters in the upper right.

Here is a picture of the CPU block mounted onto the motherboard. The RAM on slot1-slot3 kind of kinked the tubing, so I put the ram on slot2-slot4 instead. The height of the CPU block has just enough clearance for the fan and radiator that sits above.

I fabricated some metal bars to support the 120mm radiator and the reservoir. The 120mm fan underneath will push the air thru the radiator and the power supply fan will pull the air out.

Here is another shot of the reservoir and also the hole that I made for filling and draining. The height of the reservoir has barely enough clearance for the video card below.


Overall, it have been a pretty nice case to work with... the case has not been serious modded and turned out pretty good. Need more work on wire management though since it is a bit difficult with this case. Hopefully this will inspire more people into watercooling small form factor computers.

Questions or comments, please feel free to leave 'em here.
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