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Hello! I am a new poster to this site, but been lurking for quite a while
, finally signed up, and now I have been thinking of this build for quite a while.

Right so, after many sleepless nights thinking of a design for my first custom build, I think I have finally came up with a perfect fit for me. It is small, about a 12" (about 30.48 for the other 98% of the world) cube. It will have a Itx sized mobo (i5 750), with a 5850.

Behold my (amazingly bad) sketchup renders!

This is the front view of the case. The slits on the front are a fan cover, and it will hold 1 (or maybe more) 120mm fan. The slits on top i'll explain later. I think i like the colors the way they are. Frosted/white thick piece of acrylic for the sides, with a grey/smokey for the rest of it. It will be 2 layers, the top for the mobo, and the lower for the blu-ray drive and psu. The side will have to have a opening to give the graphics card fresh air, but more on that in the question section!

Onto the back!

Note: Not everything is to scale

So here we see the divide in the case, and the stealthed blu-ray drive. The psu (the lowest large gray block) will have a cut out on the button to get air. The bar below the psu is a 12" white cold cathode tube.

Again, this is not to scale.

Here is the top of the case, well kinda, just a better angle really.

The slits I was talking about earlier will act as ventalation/handle. Not to much more that I have not talked about already, so onto my questions!

Question 1: What vetalation should I have on the backpanel above the mobo? seems that the air would not flow close to the cpu?

Question 2: What ventalation should I have on the sidepanel to feed fresh air to the 5850? I was thinking about drilling many holes diagonally so from a perpendicular view of the side, you would only see some weird scuff marks, but from an angle you would see into the case. Like the roof of one of the best car's ever to race, Lancia Stratos http://rajeevpenmatsa.com/blog/wp-co...Stradale_1.jpg but with holes and not vertical strips.

Question 3: I plan on building this case in the USA, then putting the sides into a suitcase for (cheap) travel back to Sweden. What is the best way to fasten acrylic sheets togeather? Would it be glue, or cubes of acrylic to use as joints?

Any critic/hints is very much appretiated! Thanks in advanced,


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Muy interesante

Q1: Either small fans, or Mesh
Q2: Thats going to be very hard, unless you have a drill press, and even then, the acrylic may very well shatter
Q3: Weld-on #3, dries harder than the material itself.. But it may be difficult to put in a suitcase if you do it that way, so you may want to just screw it, then do that when you get back to the motherland....
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