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Hello all,

First off I have most of the parts already assembled to test it however I am waiting on money to afford the watercooling blocks as well as some minor hardware changes.
Also, I have backups for everything on my Raid 0 arrays on another computer.

Owned parts:
Cubitek Mini Tank
i7 3770k
Asus p8 z77-i Deluxe
Kingston HyperX 1866Mhz 2x4gb kit
Corsair AX 750
2x Western Digital Scorpio Black 750gb (raid 0)
Vantec5.25" to dual 2.5" bay converter
Bitfenix Spectre Pro fans
2x Asus VE228H 21.5" monitors
32 Sony Bravia TV

Parts that will be replaced/purchased
Sapphire 7870 -> Sapphire 7970 3GB (reference pcb)
2x Corsair Force GT 60gb ssd's (raid 0) -> 2x Samsung 840 pro 128gb (raid 0)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 ->waterblock
Dual Ended Universal Molex Removal Tool
Asus VE228H 21.5" monitor

Watercooling parts to order
Swiftech Apogee Drive II
Bitspower Galaxy Freezer DIMM2 Waterblock (clear top unless I change my mind to a black top)
Swiftech Komodo HD 7900 OR Koolance VID-AR797
EK-CoolStream RAD XT120mm (Single 120)
EK-CoolStream RAD XTC 140mm (Single 140)
Koolance MVR-40 Water Block WITH MVR Heat Transfer Plate, 140mm (I will have to mod it)
Koolance GPU-200 Motherboard Chipset block
Koolance male and female quick disconnects (QD3 No-Spill Couplings 3/8id, 1/2od)
Koolance Compression fittings (straight and 90) black and silver (depending on what they're attaching to) 3/8id, 1/2od

Ordered Watercooling parts (arrive Tuesday, got a little excited and pulled the trigger on some stuff I won't have to test to see if it works)
10ml Mayhems Dye: Green UV (will combine with distilled water and some pt nuke)
Feser Tube UV hose 3/8id 1/2od Acid Green
18awg uv Green wire
molex atx pin extractor
XSPC Single 5.25 Bay Res
5/64" Darkside high density Sleeving UV Green
5/64" Darkside high density Sleeving Dark Blue (not sure if it will look good with the green so I only ordered a little bit for now to test with)
5/64" Darkside high density Sleeving Black
2:1 Darkside Heatshrink Tube 1/8 Green
2:1 Darkside Heatshrink Tube 1/8 Blue (again only ordered a little bit to test)
2:1 Darkside Heatshrink Tube 1/8 Black
Universal Ram Covers (for the bitspower Galaxy Freezer)
also plan on purchasing a drain valve that I can connect to the system using the quick disconnects

I'm going to experiment with the tube and water color to see what I like best

Color Scheme will be black, uv green, blue and nickel plated blocks.
I was thinking of making the 8 pin black and blue
the 24 pin green close to the gpu and blue close to the 8 pin
and the 6+2's green and black

IE (bl=blue, b=black, g=green)

GPU ->8pin


That way the color will transition from blue to green as you move from one side to the other.

I have done my research but It will be my first time building a custom watercooling loop so I'd like some help with the more expensive waterblocks if anyone knows of any incompatibilities that I've missed I would be GREALY appreciative to hear about them.
I am kind of worried about the clearance between the apogee and the ram waterblock as well as the whole modding of the vram block.

Also If anyone has figured out a waterblock that works (even if modded a little) for the p8 z77-i Deluxe chipset or vram please let me know I plan on putting everything I can under water.

PS. I'll be purchasing all Swiftech stuff from Swiftech's online site, Koolance stuff from Koolance's online site, hardware from memoryexpress or ncix and everything else from Dazmode (everything I've ordered so far is from Dazmode).

Money's not too much of an issue (It'll just take me a little longer to get) so I don't mind trying some different configurations or colors but I would like to keep the coolant or tubing uv green.

PSS. I'll post some pics of the cable colors on Tuesday when they arrive.

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So day one of the psu sleeving is done. I'll be ordering some more wire as I didn't order enough yet. I'm not going to use the blue sleeving after all.

Some images

Sleeving comparison, the blue isn't that bright in person. (it's rather dull)

The bay reservoir face plate I'll be using

Some pins I've removed (only cut myself once through some sort of sorcery)

8pin power connectors

pci-e connectors

only broke the one 4pin trying to get a pin out (thank god I have another)

pin diagram for Corsair ax 750 (at least for the one I'm using, if you'd like to reference it use at your own risk)

8pin on the psu side

8pin on the mobo side

2xpci-e on the psu side

2xpci-e on the gpu side

And that's all for tonight I'll try to update again sometime this week.
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