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HWBot, a community site for competitive overclockers that will be familiar to many of our users, posted an announcement yesterday banning all benchmark submissions, including 3DMark, achieved on Windows 8 systems.
The reason given was a potential exploit with the real-time clock (RTC) in Windows 8. You can read the full post here: Windows 8 Benchmark Results No Longer Accepted at HWBot
Before panicking, it is worth clarifying that the exploit described by HWBot has no practical benefit for hardware manufacturers or PC gamers since it only serves to create a false score that does not reflect actual performance. Furthermore, the steps required to exploit this issue are quite unusual and could not be happened upon by accident.

Interesting decision on Futuremark's part, IMO. While this exploit isn't directly their fault, it is still a known and proven exploit. I'm interested to see how they will proceed from here.

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