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FX-60 Ebay Comments

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Hey Guys...if you do a quick search for an FX-60 on ebay in the next 20 mins...you will see a bunch going for under $300...hard to believe but...can they be fakes? I looked at the picture and compared it to a pic from newegg's FX-60 and they look similar...except they dont say FX-60 on the corner...can be just the picture i guess...anways...what do you guys think?
can processors be fake? should I be careful!?
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Could be a hijacked account and I wouldnt do it, but you have to contact the seller and what not, I doubt it's legit

Also, it's the first thing that person is selling and their account was started in China but the seller is from Ireland???? that has to put up a red flag and thats ther reason why they are so low is because no one has bid on them cause it's a fake and it's a 1-day listing so ebay doesnt have a load of time to shut it down if no one reports it
I just notified eBay on the matter and hope fully it'll be resolved

If anyone is interested in seeing what HIJACKED accounts do just take a look, most will be gone in the next 20-30 minutes if eBay gets their ass in gear

I contacted a few of the buyers and asked them to keep me updated on what happens...or if it worked out ok for them.....one just sold for $86.51!!!
Same here, and I got a response..."Are you serious?"

I just saved that person $250 becuase I told them not to pay
well...I just bid...and I won one for $46!!! I cant believe that...anyways..im not paying until I get to the bottom of this! Il post here what happens next... lol
thats what I thought....if they're stolen, its not my problem! I won them on ebay fair and square... lol wuahaha
try getting warranty on a serialized stolen item. I had a computer store. if cpu's were stolen, we e-mailed the manufacturer direct and listed the serial numbers of the stolen cpus. lol wuahaha that.

Originally Posted by GigaHertz
thats what I thought....if they're stolen, its not my problem! I won them on ebay fair and square... lol wuahaha
Actually, you'd be left with the short end of the stick. Possession of stolen goods results in you owning nothing,regardless of how you obtained it.
If you look in the comments section of the history of some of their transactions, it would seem that they are selling a bunch of junk to each other to build up some rep points. A giant scam to make people think that they are part of a legit transaction!! As always, BUYER BEWARE!!! Although, if you pay with Paypal, I think that they cover false transactions (but I'm not positive about that last comment).
EDIT:Gig, what program do you use to do your animation and texturing for your avatar? I am a novice but would like to get better, can you suggest any freeware that will help me along my journey? Thanks in advance.
you would just lap off the codes man, who cares about warrenty for $50? im not condoning that action but c'mon, who wouldnt. Its an FX60. Lets be reasonable.
Well I think the problem here is that its not an FX-60. Its a scam, plain and simple. I find it hard to believe that they just happened to come across dozens of FX-60 processors and have nothing better to do with them other than to sell them at ridiculously low prices. As was said before, the feedback is either kept private or is all positive, both from EXACTLY 10 "customers". I don't do a lot of business on ebay, but it definitely smells funny to me. Like a landfill.
The fact that there coming from china...is enough to put me off, thats the kingdom of fakehood lol
Well yeah. they arent real. If only there was a way of finding the person. Buy something that wasnt real, find them, and just stand in front of them with your hand out. "Fx60."
thanks for all your comments guys,
I personally dont think they're real. If they are...smells like the black market right? anyways...maybe they just came across a bunch of boxes for the FX and they're putting a different processor in there...whatever it is...for $46...i figure I'd give it a shot!...I wount pay until I hear from the seller though
as far as warranty? for a $50 FX-60?! who cares!! no need to register it or warranties...just in case.
and Pyth... try www.animationfactory.com and check out their animations...its a fun site!
There isnt any form of payment options just says other?!

As petrolhead said about the private feedback, very fishy.

Take a wide berth imo.
he doesnt accpet paypal, he wants it sent either Western Union which offers no guarentee on money back if you do not recieve your product or you can Wire the money through the bank which also does not offer any sort of guarentee. so...in short...sounds fake...Im not paying until he contacts me.
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