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Well you have an unlocked multiplier so here's a few basic things you can do.

-disable all power save features such as c1e, CnQ, APM, Spread Spectrum.
-Manually enter your voltages.

Once these are done, go about increasing the frequency using the multiplier .5x at a time, booting into windows and run 10 passes or so of linpack.

If you pass without Bsod, lockup, or linpack error go back and raise the multiplier .5x again repeat until your no longer stable....
Raise the voltage to the next increment and try again at the frequency you reached unstable.

Once you have the overclock your happy with, run prime95 for atleast 8 hours or so to ensure you will be pretty damn close to 24/7 stable.

Make sure to monitor your temps during these stress tests, they run the cpu at 100% load and it may get hot. Your max temperature on cores is 71c, try to stay below 65c to be safe.

Good luck

Not all chips are the same but i run my fx-6100 at 4.5ghz @1.45v under 100% load to give you a general idea of where you could be with your overclock.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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