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Hey guys, I'm currently trying to find out my stable CPU speeds and Voltages on my FX-6350. I had some questions and wanted to make sure of some safety info to make sure. I'm using a FX 6350 CPU on a MSI Gaming 990FXA motherboard and is being cooled by an NZXT Kraken X61.
I have been able to get these results with Prime 95.
Fully stable at 4.7GHz at "+.12V" or 1.534V (Load Temps around 52 with low fan speed)
Fully stable at 4.8GHz at "+.2V" or 1.614V (Load Temps around 59 with low fan speed)
I am currently testing 4.9GHz at "+.22V" or 1.632 (Temps around 60 with low fan speed, 54 with 100% fan speed)
The 4.7 and 4.8 voltages are the minimums, as any lower cause errors in Prime95 tests at their respective uses.

My questions were:

1. Are these "normal" voltages for similar overclocks on an FX-6350? They seem a bit high relative to the speeds I'm getting for them.

2. I'm currently overclocking purely off of Multiplier, as I don't really feel the need to overclock anything else on the motherboard. In my experience, messing with the bus speed causes more headaches. Besides, I don't want to increase voltage and heat on other parts of the motherboard since a water loop cpu cooler means less airflow around the motherboard. (I still have a LOT of airflow in motherboard, but I don't want to mess with it) Is there a difference between overclocking using the multiplier and the bus speed?

3. What are the maximum voltages I should look to be under? I'm not seeing warnings for maximum voltages other than heat and quick wear of the CPU. I'm not looking to have this CPU for 10 years, so I'm not too worried about extra wear and I'm keeping a close eye on the temps when doing testing. Is there a reason I shouldn't be at my current 1.632V or shouldn't go higher when testing 5.0GHz as long as the temps are okay?

4. Someone mentioned on another forum that I should watch VRM temps. Based on tests with canned air and CPUID's HWMonitor, I'm seeing VRM temps of 86C Max, which I guess is okay since I'm reading that anything under 100C is safe. Can someone confirm/deny?

Thanks for reading my wall of text and replying with any useful information.

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Agreed! Those are high for the clock.
Is your chips CPU VID really 1.4xx?

As for the VRM temps I honestly have no idea if MSI has sensors or not but I do know Asus only has them on the Saborkitty (just for a comparison).
Even if MSI does, and they're even close to being accurate it just seems 80c is asking for trouble IMHO.

Multi ACd GPU setups can simply bake this area. Think about heat soak (VRM to CPU Socket).
Lower VRM temps can only improve things especially on an MSI.

This is what mine looks like
Adding just the stock HS fan can make a nice change, bigger is always better! This is a 90mm and there is also a 120mm behind the mobo.
Zip ties work for mounting.

If you're thinking 5.0 (or even current voltages) you should seriously consider active cooling!
I'd give this a good read too http://www.overclock.net/t/1577875/msi-990fxa-gaming-a-casual-review
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