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Hello everyone

I am compleatley at a loss here. I have tried everything and can not get his to work

I have an older system with these specs

MSI FX 5900 256MB
MSI K7N2 Delta mother board
1.5 GB PC3200 RAM
Vista x32 SP2
Nvidia Driver 96.85 (last available from nvidia for vista)

Ok not the best specs for a vista system but its a work PC so no gaming.

anyway the card has 1 Analog and 1 DVI ports,

I want to have 2 19" LCDs plugged in, so i got them hooked up and was expecting vista to figure things out, guess I was wrong. Vista sees both LCD's just as "Generic PNP Monitor" and the Analog screen DID get 1440x900 resolution, BUT the DVI monitor will not do it, i can do resolutions all around it but not 1440x900, Ive tried using powerstrip and it wont apply my custom resolutions, ive tried turning off the DCC/CI on the DVI Screen (acer AL1916W) and rebooting with it unplugged (as noted as "a fix" on a bunch of forums), I tried swapping the screens (2nd screen is a Gateway LCD) same thing.

And now for the strangest thing. when I goto the status menu on either screen (when hooked up to DVI) it says its running 1449x900.

and now another strangest thing, I dual boot the system with Linux Mint and it has the Nvidia driver loaded, and hos no problem running the dual screens at 1440x900.
so my questions

1) WTH
2) is this just an issue with Nvidia's Vista Driver

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